Portable Containment Tents : Safety and Efficiency

Does your workplace or industrial facility require the use of radiation, lead or other harmful contaminants? If so, portable containment tents are an affordable and efficient solution for preventing the spread of contaminants from surface to surface, or into the surrounding environment, and they also minimize the scope and complexity of your cleanup process.
In addition to creating a safer and healthier workplace, portable containment tents can be specially designed and fabricated to meet your needs.


The Benefits of a Portable Containment Tent

There are a range of products designed to prevent the cross-contamination by radiological or other hazardous materials. Portable containment tents are some of the most desirable and convenient options for several reasons:

1. They’re portable! Not surprisingly, ability to transport, set up and break down your portable containment tent in a range of areas, and within a reasonable amount of time, is one of their most desirable benefits. Portable containment tents can be used throughout your facility, depending on the task at hand. They can also be transferred from facility to facility or to off-site locations when necessary.

2. Quick and easy to set up. When using the tent for an off-site or outdoor location, portable containment tents are relatively quick and easy to set up. In many cases, the alternative to a portable containment tent is a hard-sided trailer version. These must be able to be trucked in and unloaded, which isn’t always possible depending on the area or terrain available to you.

3. They are lightweight and compact. Unlike hard-sided and more permanent options, portable containment tents are constructed from lighter-weight, plastic materials“. Our portable containment tent walls and ceilings are made from Pacifitex 1400. The floors are constructed from Pacifitex 1800 for added durability. Frames are built from 1 inch nominal Schedule 40 galvanized steel pipe, which are incredibly sturdy but light enough to be easily handled and assembled. Together, these materials make for a finished product that is compact enough to be transported easily and light enough for a small team to assemble with a minimum of additional equipment.

4. Designed to your specifications. While prefabricated containment tents are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from smaller, single-chamber versions to larger dual-chamber options, they can also be designed and built to order. If you are newer to the portable containment tent market or have an unusual job to complete, our team can draw from a longstanding history from which to make suggestions and to design a tent that will work best for your company’s particular needs and wants.

5. They are affordable. Per unit, portable containment tents are more affordable than hard-sided or trailer versions with similar dimensions and features. This is true even with the inclusion of the accompanying ventilation and filtration units.

Once your job is complete, proper attention to post-work clean-up will render your portable unit contaminant free, ready to be packed up and moved to the next job on your list or easily stored until the next time you are in need of a tent, decon chamber, steam generator work tent or roofless bull pen containment.

Would you like to learn more about your portable containment tent options? Contact the team at Lancs Industries and we’ll be happy to answer your questions or provide more information about our radiation and nuclear shielding products.

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