Catch Containments

Capture Drips & Leaks With Catch Containments

When working with hazardous or toxic materials in an industrial setting, managing spills, leaks, and drips is essential to prevent contamination and maintain a safe environment. Our industry-leading catch containment solutions are made with advanced, durable materials and can be customized to meet the unique requirements of your project or worksite. Whether you operate in the energy industry, medical research, or any other sector where contamination risks are prevalent, choose Lancs Industries for containment systems that are built to provide an advanced level of protection and efficiency. In addition to catch containments, we also product containment tents and containment glovebags too.

Made to withstand the rigors of industrial environments, our catch containers are available in conical and cylindrical (“flat bottom”) models with varying diameters and can be rested flat or suspended.

Our catch containments meet the strictest regulatory standards and can be tailored to your precise specifications. Explore our products below and contact us to discuss which materials and configurations are right for your project.

Catch Containments - LI-351-LI-355
Catch Containments - LI-356

Safer Work Environments

See how our containments can help prevent the potential spread of contamination.

LI-356 Catch Containments

Catch Containments - LI-356

Our LI-356 Catch Containments are designed for flexible applications in a variety of industrial settings involving hazardous substances.

These conical catch containments are ideal for aerial capture through the suspension loops fastened around the support ring, which is sealed into the rim. Tie-off loops or grommets allow the catch containment to be suspended from nearby structures.

The LI-356 is also ideal for capturing drips or leaks in areas where the surface may be irregular or where there are tight spaces due to its ability to conform to varying surfaces.

Standard size  conical catch containments are  12 inch and 15 inch in diameter, but custom sizes can also be produced.

Whether you're dealing with dangerous chemicals or sensitive materials, the LI-356 Catch Containments offer an effective and versatile solution.

LI-351 - LI-355 Catch Containments

Catch Containments - LI-351-LI-355

The LI-351 to LI-355 Catch Containments are flat-bottom catch containments that provide a robust and reliable solution for containing leaks and drips across industrial settings.

The cylindrical, flat-bottom design offers stability and ease of placement on predominantly flat surfaces. The LI-351 - LI-355 designs are ideal for scenarios where quick deployment, efficient containment, and straightforward cleanup are essential.

In manufacturing facilities or laboratories, the LI-351 - LI-355 Catch Containments  protect your staff,  surrounding areas and equipment from the potential spread of contaminants.

The loops secured onto the support ring around the rim allow these containments to be suspended using tie-off loops or grommets.

Our flat-bottom catch containments come in a range of diameters:

  • LI-351 at 14 inches
  • LI-352 at 18 inches
  • LI-353 at 24 inches
  • LI-354 at 36 inches
  • LI-355 at 48 inches

Safer Work Environments

See how our containments can help prevent the potential spread of contamination.