Tungsten Shielding

Tungsten Lead-Free Shielding

Lancs Industries is a leading expert in providing radiation protection solutions and offers an extensive range of tungsten-based shielding products that serve diverse industry needs. Our custom-made tungsten shielding has exceptional attenuating properties and can be tailored to your unique specifications and requirements.

Tungsten is an excellent choice for lead-free radiation shielding because of its density. Density is one of the most important characteristics for radiation-attenuating materials. Compared to lead, a tungsten shield can be reduced to a fractional layer of thickness to provide the same amount of shielding.

Tungsten provides great protection against the most penetrating forms of radiation, such as gamma rays and x-rays. One of the main benefits of using tungsten is that it offers the necessary control and precision required for processes that involve directing or shielding radiation to specific areas, making it a highly desirable alloy for specific industrial activities. Our radiation protection process allows Lancs Industries to make shields in almost any 3 dimensional shape that you require including blankets, pipe wraps, tiles and more. We also make lead radiation shielding as well.

Types of Tungsten Shielding Products

At Lancs Industries, we offer an array of lead-free shielding products that includes various forms of tungsten shielding, from sheets to personal protective equipment (PPE).

  • Tungsten sheets are adaptable to different environments, available in different thicknesses, and can be tailored for specific applications.

Our non-lead, tungsten shielding products are flexible, allowing for maximum surface area coverage, and include nuclear shielding blankets, nuclear pipe shields, radiation floor shielding, and nuclear shielding pipe wraps.

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Innovative Flexible Shielding Technology

Safe and cost effective, our extensive menu of shielding products can be produced from Tungsten, Bismuth, or Iron.

Ideal Tungsten Shielding Applications

Because tungsten is able to effectively attenuate highly penetrating gamma and x-rays, Tungsten Shields are used in industries such as:

  • Energy Production and hazardous waste remediation
  • Medicine (including nuclear medicine)
  • Industrial radiography
  • Nuclear research

In energy production and hazardous waste remediation, tungsten shielding protects workers from harmful radiation emitted in those work environments.

In medicine, tungsten is used in radiation therapy equipment, which shields against harmful radiation emitted during cancer treatments.

In industrial radiography, tungsten is used because its properties allow for non-destructive testing, ensuring safety and accuracy in examining materials. Because the atomic structure and density of tungsten helps control the direction and spread of X-ray or gamma-ray beams, it increases precision and targeted imaging during radiographic testing, while also limiting unnecessary radiation exposure to areas outside the intended inspection zone.

In nuclear research, tungsten is used for radioactive storage containers, syringe shields for radioisotopes, and for shielding reactors and laboratories.

Tungsten Shielding Is a Great Lead-Free Alternative

We provide radiation shielding solutions to customers spanning multiple industries who take advantage of tungsten’s ability to attenuate and direct the flow of radiation.

Besides its technical effectiveness in shielding radiation, tungsten is a great lead-free alternative and is easier to dispose of after use.

Contact Lancs Industries for industry-specific, custom-made tungsten shielding solutions that ensure the highest standards of safety and accuracy in radiation protection.

Innovative Flexible Shielding Technology

Safe and cost effective, our extensive menu of shielding products can be produced from Tungsten, Bismuth, or Iron.