Tungsten Tiles

Tungsten Lead Free Tile

Tungsten Lead-Free Tiles

Our tungsten tiles are crafted for environments where precise and durable shielding is essential. Lancs Industries’ focus on safety and efficiency has driven us to provide solutions that meet the highest standards of protection and compliance for 50+ years. Learn more about our additional Tungsten radiation shielding products such as Tungsten blankets and Tungsten pipe wraps.

Why Tungsten Tile?

Tungsten outperforms conventional shielding materials with its outstanding density and radiation attenuation capabilities. Its higher density effectively blocks radiation, and the manufacturing process for this shielding allows it to be produced in the shape of tiles which impacts the safety of the product during use.

Features of Tungsten Tile

Optimal Radiation Shielding

The exceptional density of tungsten allows our tiles to offer robust protection against gamma rays , safeguarding personnel and critical equipment.

Versitile Customization

At Lancs Industries, we understand that one size does not fit all. We can customize these tiles to the length and width of your facility’s work area to perfectly suit your needs.

Wide Range of Applications

Designed for use in high-risk radiation environments such as nuclear power plants, laboratories , and industrial testing areas, our tungsten tiles provide dependable protection for fixed locations.

Durability and Ease of Installation

Our tiles are not only built to last but also designed for straightforward installation, ensuring they can be easily integrated into any space requiring radiation shielding.

Eco-Friendly Solution

As a lead-free shielding option, tungsten tiles represent an environmentally responsible choice, minimizing the ecological impact of radiation protection efforts.

Applications for Tungsten Tiles

Tungsten tiles from Lancs Industries are ideal for creating permanent or semi-permanent radiation barriers in various settings. They are especially useful in constructing temporary or permanent, floors in areas where radiation exposure is a concern, offering a tailored fit for effective protection.

Trust Lancs for Reliable Shielding

Lancs Industries is dedicated to providing advanced radiation protection solutions like our tungsten tiles, reflecting our commitment to innovation, safety, and customer service. Our 50+ years of experience in the field ensures that you receive a product designed for superior protection and performance.

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