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Radiation Protection Options

Lancs Industries has over 50 years of expertise in developing radiation protection solutions for a wide range of applications and industries, including nuclear power plants, Department of Energy hazardous waste remediation sites, the US Naval sector , and many more . Our team of experts will help guide you through our different types of radiation protection products (alpha, beta, gamma) and can custom-configure lead and non-lead shielding, blankets and racks to match the unique requirements of your radioactive setting.

Whether you’re in the defense sector, medical industry, radiography, or waste management, our shielding equipment meets all regulatory guidelines for radiation control. Our shielding is custom produced to meet the specific needs of radiation challenge. Protect operators and technicians from potential health hazards associated with exposure and minimize contamination spread with our proven, innovative products.

There are particular benefits associated with both lead radiation shielding and lead-free radiation shielding. As a leading supplier of both, we are an unbiased advisor to you in explaining the advantages of both solutions, arriving at the best solution for your project’s needs.

Lancs Industries has manufactured more than 80% of the lead radiation shielding blankets currently used in nuclear power plants within the United States. Our lead wool blankets and lead plate blankets, known as the more traditional protection, can be made with custom densities and thicknesses to provide effective radiation attenuation and ensure safety from diverse ionizing radiation sources. We also manufacture lead bricks, snakes, and QuickRacks, plus tools like hooks and RFID-chipped blankets for efficient tracking and usage.

Lead Blankets

Lead blankets are constructed with lead wool or lead plate. Our lead wool consists of fine strands of lead from .005 to .015 inches in diameter, of varying length, and are in accordance with Federal Specification QQ-C-40 Type II Grade C. The wool is compacted in a random orientation to ensure consistent attenuation without streaming.

Lead Wool or Lead Sheet/Plate

Radiation shielding blankets are available in both lead wool and lead sheet/plate, with lead wool blankets being more pliable than lead sheet. Wool is often preferred for its flexibility in handling. Where greater shielding is required, multiple blankets can be stacked to achieve a linear reduction in dose rate.

RFID Chips to Track Your Equipment

Lancs can install RFID chips into your blankets so that each one can be separately identified, tracked, and located–allowing for an efficient, automated mechanism for tracking inventory. These chips can be integrated for compatibility with your own locating equipment, or we can supply you with scanner systems.


The QuickRack is our inexpensive, lightweight solution for quickly hanging shielding blankets. It was designed to enable the user to readily assemble and disassemble a temporary shield in just minutes with minimal resources. Where traditional steel racks may be too large or bulky to deploy, the lightweight and modular QuickRack allows for easy setup, breakdown, and mobility. QuickRack can be conveniently moved to anywhere in the facility, including rooms with narrow doorways.

QuickRack saves time and reduces dosage, which results in cuts to labor costs for your facility.

Modern and Environmentally-Responsible Alternatives

Lead-free shielding refers to alternative materials or methods used to provide protection against ionizing radiation without the use of lead. Non-lead shielding products offer comparable protection to lead shielding, while avoiding the high cost of hazardous material disposal.

Tungsten Lead Free Pipe Wrap

Lancs Industries offers a wide range of safe and cost-effective radiation shielding products made from tungsten or bismuth. Products include blankets, safety floor shields, pipe wraps, and more. All of these products can be made in almost any 3-dimensional shape, and therefore  customized to any specification.

Iron, bismuth, and tungsten based lead-free shielding come with reduced toxicity and disposal considerations, making them great choices for green initiatives and ensuring compliance with RoHS and other environmental regulations. Using non-hazardous materials for radiation shielding also significantly reduces the disposal costs associated with special waste management.

All of our lead-free materials have been demonstrated to meet the Nuclear Regulatory Commission guidelines, and are compliant with nuclear industry smoke development, flame spread, and critical radiant flux measurement standards. Contact us today to learn more about tungsten lead free shielding, bismuth lead free shielding, and more!

Quality Materials

We offer both flexible and rigid protective options with customizable thickness and dimensions made from materials that meet stringent quality control criteria and rigorous performance characteristics.

Made-to-Fit Options

Our special made-to-fit options can be customized for your needs and offer a practical, effective, and efficient solution for radiation protection during storage and transportation.

Get the Right Materials for the Job

With over 50 years of industry expertise, we can advise you as to the available mix of materials for many different job types.

FAQs Related to Radiation Protection

Radiation shielding is necessary to protect people from the harmful effects of ionizing radiation, and for adhering to regulatory standards. In medical applications, shielding protects patients and healthcare professionals during diagnostic imaging or radiation therapy. In industrial settings, it ensures worker safety when handling radioactive materials and reduces environmental impact.

Lancs Industries is an industry leader in providing lead radiation shielding and lead-free shielding solutions. Both are very effective at providing protection from radiation and can be customized for multiple applications. Types of lead-free options include Tungsten lead free shielding and bismuth lead free shielding.

Yes, sleeving, bags, and sheeting are highly customizable to meet specific radiation protection requirements for any industrial application. Lancs Industries designs solutions in various dimensions, thicknesses, and material types to accommodate individual radiation protection needs.

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