Bismuth Shielding

Lead Free Radiation Shielding

Bismuth Shielding for Radiation Protection

Our bismuth shielding products offer a highly effective alternative to lead-based shielding, providing protection from radiation, reducing environmental impact, and saving you the disposal costs associated with lead materials. These non-toxic bismuth shields are customizable to meet the unique requirements of your project and work conditions. For innovative, cost-effective lead-free radiation shielding that meets the strictest regulatory standards of the nuclear industry and beyond, choose Lancs Industries. Reach out to discuss which products, materials, and tailored solutions are right for your needs.

Types of Bismuth Shielding Products

Whether for nuclear l facilities, research laboratories, or industrial applications, our versatile bismuth shielding products provide radiation protection solutions for a wide range of uses. Explore our line of non-lead, bismuth-based shielding:

  • Panels: Our bismuth shields are designed to offer optimal protection fit for many settings. . Our products are available in customizable thicknesses, adaptable to the shielding demands of your specific radiation exposure levels.
  • Pipe Shield and Wraps: Bismuth pipe shields and wraps can be used in hard-to-reach areas, and tailor made to give the best protection to workers. These can be custom designed, allow for streaming of radiation to limited, and a snug fit. The wraps can be kept on hand for ease of use and can be cut to sizes to customize the length.
  • Containers: When shielding vials or other irradiated containers, our bismuth shielding can be used to create a fully shielded container for your samples. These can be used with other forms of shielding, such as leaded boxes to create the highest level of protect for your workers.

Innovative Flexible Shielding Technology

Safe and cost effective, our extensive menu of shielding products can be produced from Tungsten, Bismuth, or Iron.

Ideal Bismuth Shielding Applications

Many industries, such as medicine, industrial radiography, and nuclear research have adopted bismuth as a radiation shielding material.

  • Medical: Bismuth shielding is used to reduce the exposure dose from computed tomography (CT) scans. Shields are placed over the radiosensitive regions of the patient to attenuate the x-ray beam.
  • Industrial radiography: Because bismuth shielding is customizable and portable, it is a versatile option in industrial radiography, allowing for precise non-destructive testing while also meeting environmental safety and regulatory standards.
  • Nuclear power generative and research: Bismuth shielding can be tailored to specific radiation intensities and experimental setups, offering a customizable solution to fit the specific requirements of various nuclear research projects.

Bismuth Shielding Is a Great Lead-Free Alternative

Bismuth offers a combination of effective radiation protection, customization, environmental sustainability, and flexibility, making it a valuable choice for enhancing safety and precision in medical and industrial workspaces.

No matter what your application is, Lancs Industries will work to provide you with the custom bismuth-based shielding your job requires.

Innovative Flexible Shielding Technology

Safe and cost effective, our extensive menu of shielding products can be produced from Tungsten, Bismuth, or Iron.