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Advance Safety With Customized Containment Solutions

At Lancs Industries, we are committed to the science of safety. For almost 50 years, we've been the trusted industry leader in developing customized containment solutions to protect workers and our environment from exposure to toxic and hazardous materials.

Lancs Industries glovebags, containments, containment tents, portable containment tents, and other containment products are custom designed and built to whatever configurations and dimensions are necessary to fit the unique requirements of your project or worksite.

Our reputation for quality and precision is based in great part on years of work with the U.S. Navy nuclear program, electrical utilities, and U.S. Department of Energy hazardous waste clean-up facilities and laboratories, to name a few.

Glovebags establish a flexible controlled environment to confine contaminants and create a secure work area for handling sensitive materials. Catch Containments (also known as Drip Bags or Drip Pockets) capture leaks and drips, serving as a shield against environmental contamination and preventing the spread of potential hazardous materials. These flexible containment solutions ensure safety in both the enclosed workspace and surrounding areas.

Pro Tip: How to change out a damaged glovebag

Our customizable work tents are easy to set-up and establish an isolated environment, creating an uncompromised barrier between work zones and outside spaces. Our containment tents are adaptable to diverse site configurations, from single-chamber setups to expansive multi-chamber structures spanning thousands of square feet.

Custom catch containments from Lancs Industries are versatile solutions for preventing contamination and protecting against the spread of hazardous or toxic materials.

Learn more about the various catch containment products we create. We offer specific models as well as provide containments which are tailored to your industry, work site and needs.

Control contamination

Learn more about our wide variety of glovebags with different configurations and dimensions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Containment Systems

To find the right containment solutions for your needs, it's helpful to have a solid understanding of what they are and how they work.

Containment systems are  designed to confine hazardous materials and prevent their spread to individuals or  the surrounding environment. They allow staff to work in contaminated areas without worrying about dangerous exposure levels, and they keep toxic substances isolated from other work areas.

Containment system options and products consist of:

  • Tents
  • Gloveboxes
  • Drip funnels
  • Sleeves
  • Sheeting
  • Bags
  • Filter pouches
  • Ventilation systems

These items are made out of durable materials to ensure they remain intact in all sorts of environments. They also feature special designs to prevent tearing or ripping, which can compromise safety.

Containment systems are necessary for preventing the spread of hazardous materials in a facility or work site. They act as protective barriers to prevent environmental contamination and protect personnel from toxic exposure. Containment also reduces the need for extensive cleanup once work is completed, as toxic elements will be relegated to a specific area.

Lancs Industries containment solutions offer industry-leading protection for both work staff and the environment.

A containment system functions by creating a controlled environment that isolates and captures hazardous elements. Lancs Industries containment products, such as glove bags and tents, employ advanced materials and design elements to ensure a secure barrier between the hazardous substances and clean areas, effectively reducing cross-contamination risks.

Maintaining containment systems involves regular inspections, cleaning, and adherence to manufacturer and regulatory guidelines. Lancs Industries not only provides durable containment products but also offers comprehensive guidance on maintenance practices, ensuring long-term effectiveness and safety.

When working with containment systems, several safety precautions are vital to ensure the well-being of personnel and prevent environmental risks. Always provide proper training to individuals who will be handling the systems, including understanding their operation and potential hazards. 

By prioritizing these precautions, you can create a secure work environment that minimizes risks and promotes safety. Lancs' custom containment systems are engineered with safety as a core principle, minimizing risks during use.

When determining your containment needs, it helps to consider the following factors:

  • The type of hazardous materials you're working with
  • The size of the area in need of containment
  • Ease of setup,  dismantling and disposal
  • The number of personnel involved
  • The type of work being performed
  • The length of time the area will need to be contained

Considering these factors can help you make crucial decisions when it comes to the size of the containment system you choose, as well as which features you need.

Lancs Industries Can Help Protect Your Workplace

With almost five decades of experience, you can trust Lancs Industries for cutting-edge containment products that truly get the job done. Our glovebags, containment tents, and other customized solutions are tailored precisely to your unique requirements to ensure optimal protection and efficiency. Contact us today to take the first step toward safer, more effective containment practices at your facility or work site.

Control contamination

Learn more about our wide variety of glovebags with different configurations and dimensions.