Our Story: Lancs Industries

Since 1974

Experience You Can Rely On

Lancs has produced over 80% of the lead wool blankets used in United States nuclear power plants and U.S. Naval facilities today and is one of the largest producers of flexible lead-free shielding products made from tungsten, bismuth, and iron. We carry a ready-to-ship inventory of standard products that include flexible shielding, lead wool blankets, glove bags, and sleeving. Since 1974, the in-house manufacturing facilities at Lancs Industries have supported a flexible design process that delivers the highest quality products, on-time and on-budget.


What Makes Us Different

A Leader For Four Decades And Counting

Expert Manufacturer


Since we launched in 1974, products manufactured by Lancs Industries have built a reputation for the highest quality in form and function. 

Enduring Quality Standards


Lancs began producing its own lead wool in 1980. We have manufactured over 80% of the lead wool blankets in use in nuclear power plants in the United States today. 

Mastering Customization


Using product drawings and specifications for containments developed for the U.S. Nuclear Navy and nuclear power industry, Lancs expanded and innovated on the use of these products to additional industries including the medical sector.

Expanded Products


In 2010, Lancs acquired BOP Filters, continuing their tradition of manufacturing flexible high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) grade filters and particulate control applications for nuclear and pharmaceutical environments. In this decade, Lancs also began manufacturing flexible lead free shielding. 

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