50 Years of Lancs Industries

Protecting Workers for Five Decades

Lancs Industries is proud to celebrate 50 years of innovation and excellence as pioneers in radiation protection products, containment equipment, and other safety gear for the nuclear industry and beyond. Our combination of hands-on experience and engineering expertise has helped us successfully navigate many shifts in the industries we serve.

And now, we're ready for more.

Lancs Industries - Portable Containment Tents

Looking Back: Key Innovations and Pivotal Moments In Our History

Lancs Industries

Origins in Customer Focus and Service

Lancs has always been customer focused. In fact, the idea for the business came when Graham Hollingsworth identified the need from the Hanford Nuclear Reservation for better equipment to protect and shield its employees from the potential impact of harmful radiation. While many things have changed, this responsiveness to customer needs has remained the same.

Leading the Industry Response to the Three Mile Island Crisis

In response to the nuclear incident at Three Mile Island, Lancs Industries responded to meet the industry-wide demand for nuclear containment and radiation shielding products.

Lancs Industries - Three Mile Island Containment & Shielding
Lead wool shielding

Setting the Standard of Quality for Lead Wool Products

Lancs Industries started to make our own lead shielding products in 1980. Over the years we have supplied shielding products to literally every nuclear facility (power plant, national laboratory, DOE, DOD and Naval) in the United States.

Pioneering the Use of Urethane Films

When a major shift took place in the nuclear power industry away from PVC in the 1980s, Lancs was there to adapt and innovate, pioneering the use of urethane films.


Lancs Industries is continually seeking new opportunities to overcome hurdles, improve processes, and drive our industry forward. In response to the high demand for our products, we relocated our headquarters from Kirkland, Washington to a state-of-the-art, 26,000-square-foot facility in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This move allowed us to double our production capacity and better serve our customers.

As we remain committed to serving the nuclear industry and longstanding clients like the U.S. Navy and Department of Energy, we are also expanding into new sectors, including the medical sector and the pharmaceutical industry.

Always ready to adapt, we are excited about these changes and the possibilities they bring.

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Going All-Out for Our Customers, Every Time

For more than five decades, our commitment to customer satisfaction has never wavered.

We listen to what our customers need. When the industry started moving away from lead, our customers wanted shielding that’s easier to dispose of.  When customers sought lead-free options for shielding that is easier to decontaminate or dispose of,  we developed tungsten shielding.

We also custom build shielding for specific layouts that are unique to customer needs, such as valves, walkways, and more.

When our customers speak, we listen. This is how we innovate.

Individual Excellence - The People Who Built Lancs Industries

Lancs Industries' success is underscored by our innovative leadership. Over the years, these are the people who have shaped and grown Lancs Industries.

Graham and Barbara Hollingsworth

Graham Hollingsworth was born in Lancashire, England, and moved to the U.S. in 1966 for a 2-year contract at Boeing. He and his wife, Barbara, fell in love with the U.S. and settled permanently. When the Boeing program ended in 1968, Graham founded Lancs Industries.

Lancs Industries transitioned from a sign-making company to serving the industrial safety market with radiation protection, containment, and other safety products for the nuclear industry.

Together, Graham and Barbara played pivotal roles in growing the business. Barbara managed the finances, while Graham, with his engineering background, was the visionary. He was always eager to explore new ideas and opportunities, driving Lancs to expand into new areas. Their hands-on approach set the tone for Lancs Industries as an adaptable and innovative company.

Ron Therrien

As Lancs Industries continued to expand, in 1983, Lancs brought Ron Therrien from Electric Boat’s Reactor Plant Services group on board. Ron had significant knowledge of the products and their potential from his experience in the industry.

Lancs Industries now had the combination of practical knowledge and engineering excellence to succeed. With Ron’s knowledge of the products and Graham’s knack for manufacturing them, Lancs Industries became an unstoppable force in our market.

With Ron aboard, Lancs Industries was able to address the demand for our products in all electrical utility-owned nuclear plants in North America.

Tim Weist

In 2001, Graham Hollingsworth sold Lancs Industries to Tim Weist, a former Naval officer in the Nuclear Power Program. Tim used his knowledge and background in the nuclear industry to carry the Lancs Industries legacy forward after the leadership of Graham and Barbara.

Diego Rangel

After 15 years of dedicated service to Lancs Industries, Diego Rangel’s talent, experience, and hard work led to his appointment as Operations Manager in 2014, and General Manager in 2016.

Lewis Byrd

Nine years later, in 2010, Lancs Industries was bought by Lewis Byrd. Lewis had several years of experience as a plant manager in the metals/continuous casting industry. Under his leadership, Lancs Industries developed the ability to manufacture shielding products with materials other than lead, like tungsten, and continued its expansion into the pharmaceutical industry.  Lewis also led the company’s move into a larger facility in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Looking Forward: Serving the Pharmaceutical Industry and More

For over five decades, Lancs Industries has demonstrated our ability to navigate and succeed in a constantly evolving landscape.

We’re proud that leading facilities like Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, which made history in 2022 by achieving fusion in a lab, rely on our filtered bags, large containment tent systems, and other custom-made safety products.

In 2023, Lancs Industries made a key contribution to support Idaho Environmental Coalition (IEC), the contractor responsible for the Snake River Plain Aquifer Preservation Project, by providing essential filtered containment products to aid in the safe handling of the hazardous waste. The project was completed 18 months ahead of schedule.

Now, We’re Branching Out Beyond Nuclear Safety. And That's Not All

As the demand for containments for the pharmaceutical industry continues to rise, Lancs Industries remains at the forefront, providing supplies and developing new technology for the field.

Lancs Industries will continue to grow and innovate - just as we have for the past 50 years. With our commitment to excellence and adapting to an ever-changing world. Lancs Industries remains dedicated to providing quality products to our customers.

Lancs Industries Timeline

Early Years (1974-1980)

  • 1974

    Lancs Industries initially launched as a sign-making company.

  • 1970s

    Lancs began working closely with the Reactor Plant Services (RPS) group at General Dynamics Electric Boat, a submarine manufacturing company.

  • 1979

    A nuclear incident at Three Mile Island greatly increased awareness and demand for nuclear radiation safety equipment. Lancs Industries rose to the occasion.

Growth and Innovation (1980-2000)

  • 1983

    Lancs Industries brought Ron Therrien from Electric Boat’s Reactor Plant Services group on board.

  • Mid 80s

    Lancs Industries pioneers the use of urethane films to avoid the incineration of PVC.

  • 1989

    As the Cold War came to an end, Lancs Industries was a key player in helping to decommission and decontaminate nuclear weapons facilities.

Acquisitions (2000-2015)

  • 2001

    Graham Hollingsworth sells Lancs Industries to a former Naval officer in the Nuclear Power Program, Tim Weist.

  • 2010

    Lancs Industries is sold to Lewis Byrd, the current owner.

  • 2011

    Lancs Industries acquires its longtime supplier of HEPA filters, BOP Filters.

  • 2014

    After 15 years of service to Lancs Industries, Diego Rangel is appointed Operations Manager in 2014, and in 2016 as General Manager.

Product Expansion and Relocation (2019-Present)

  • 2019

    Lancs Industries develops the capability to design and manufacture custom tungsten flexible radiation shielding.

  • 2021

    Lancs Industries moves from Kirkland, WA, to Albuquerque, NM.

  • 2022

    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, a longtime client of Lancs Industries, makes history by achieving fusion ignition in a laboratory setting.

  • 2023

    Lancs Industries contributes to the Snake River Plain Aquifer Preservation project.

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