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Lancs Industries’ Move to Albuquerque Paves Way for Unprecedented Growth

Lancs Industries’ 2021 relocation from Kirkland, Washington, to Albuquerque, New Mexico, marked an exciting new chapter focused on expanding production capacity and national growth. This strategic move, while challenging, positioned Lancs Industries for immense business success over the next decade and beyond.

As President Lewis Byrd notes, “Moving from a 17,000 sq ft. facility where you’ve been located for 47 years, to another 26,000 sq. ft. facility 1,400 miles away was extremely challenging. And building out the new facility with necessary power and infrastructure. On top of all that, we were doing all of this in the middle of a global pandemic!” Despite the hurdles, Lancs Industries persevered. “We overcame every challenge that came up with hard work and a great, committed team,” Byrd adds.

The Albuquerque facility enables Lancs to effectively double manufacturing capabilities while providing ample room for future development. Byrd explains, “There is great demand for our radiation shielding and containment products, and the increased capacity of our new facility in terms of space, operating efficiency and personnel has reduced the lead times for many products by 50-75%.” Lancs Industries has also expanded their pharmaceutical containment sector as well.

Transitioning to Albuquerque has also stimulated local economic growth, with Lancs Industries introducing more than 60 well-paying jobs during its first year while carrying an estimated $10 million impact. The company’s rigorous hiring process reflects their commitment to excellence and quality. “We interviewed approximately 500 people to find the current 60+ team members who had the skills and work ethic to make superior radiation shielding and containment products for our customers,” says Byrd.

Lancs Industries’ move was supported by Albuquerque Economic Development and warmly received by officials like Mayor Tim Keller, who has touted Lancs Industries as, “Another great example of a national company making Albuquerque their home base.” Byrd also credits the “great collaboration with the Albuquerque Regional Economic Alliance” in facilitating the transition.

The move allows Lancs Industries to cement ties with vital regional partners like Los Alamos National Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratories. Additionally, Albuquerque’s affordable real estate, reasonable cost of living, workforce availability, and hospitable weather prove ideal for both establishing and retaining top talent eager to contribute to Lancs Industries future achievements. While Lancs Industries’ Kirkland roots hold deep meaning, the opportunity to write an exciting new chapter in Albuquerque perfectly aligns with a mission of spearheading advancements across industrial safety equipment and radiation containment products.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Lancs Industries thanks to this vital move.

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