Disposing of Radioactive Waste

Group of stacked yellow drums with radioactive waste

Ideally, any industry, university lab, manufacturing plant, medical facility or nuclear power plant should have a Radiation Safety Officer and established safety plan for disposing of radioactive waste. Failure to do so has disastrous effects on plants, animals and humans who are unknowingly exposed. Take, for instance, the city of Goias, Brazil – where robbers…

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Potassium Iodide, Your Thyroid & Radiation Protection

x-ray illustration of the male thyroid gland

There are people all over the world who keep non-expired doses of potassium iodide on hand to protect themselves in the case of a nuclear fallout or related radioactive disaster. They do this as a proactive way of protecting themselves in case a nuclear emergency involves the presence of radioactive iodine – frequently released in…

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What is a Radiation Safety Officer? Responsibilities, Training, and Salary

Any company or business requiring employees to work with or around radiation and/or radioactive materials should have a clear Radiation Safety Program in place, and that program is traditionally led by a designated (qualified) Radiation Safety Officer. If your company is registered with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), you are required to have a designated…

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What is a Dosimeter?


Ionizing radiation is harmful. At best, it causes radiation sickness and/or burns; at its worst, it’s fatal or is the cause of terminal cancers and other health conditions that can be fatal. Fortunately, radiation dosimeters come in various sizes and styles, but are ultimately designed to measure the levels of harmful ionizing radiation as a…

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Radioactive Holiday Gifts For the Ones You Love (and hate)


Tired of buying the same ol’ holiday gifts year after year? Looking for that truly rare, one-of-a-kind present for the impossible to buy for relatives in your life? We have just the thing – radioactive elements. We’re joking (sort of). Believe it or not, there was a time when radiation was considered good for you…

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Working With Radiation: Wear the Right Protective Clothing


You can never be too cautious when you work with or around radiation and radioactive products. While there’s no need to wear a protective hood when speaking on your cell phone (not yet, anyway), companies and employees who work in a radioactive environment or with radioactive products should always err on the side of caution…

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Glovebags for Radiological Work on Piping and Valves


During the planning for radiological work on piping and valves, one of the options is to consider the use of a glovebag. Many people think that glovebags take too long or are too difficult to install. Lancs glovebag models LI-304 and LI338 have a continuous Velcro strip that allows the worker to wrap the glovebag…

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Introducing The Lancs Industries QuickRack


The Lancs Industries QuickRack is a versatile new tool for your ALARA toolbox. It provides users an inexpensive, lightweight, and alternative way to quickly hang shielding and protect workers from sources of ionizing radiation. Whether used as a shadow shield around a worker or to create a shield around a source, it allows the user…

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Radiation Shielding Solutions

Radiation Shielding Blanket

  Our expertise with a broad array of dose reduction challenges helps solve the difficult radiation shielding situations a Radiation Protection Manager or Technician will encounter. From emergent radiological issues to large scale refueling outages, we can recommend and custom manufacture the best shielding solution for your specific needs. As the largest manufacturer of lead…

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Custom Radiation Shielding Product Design


Lancs Industries manufactures radiation shielding and contamination control products using a flexible design and manufacturing process that is always responsive to customer needs. Material selection, functional design and dimensions can all be uniquely specified. Lancs will build to order. Many projects and maintenance operations present situations in which custom designed containments would reduce the complexity…

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