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Radiation Protection Supplies And Accessories

Lancs Industries is the industry leader you can rely on for the highest-quality radiation protection supplies and accessories. When it comes to shielding products, we offer adaptable and customizable solutions to ensure the highest grade of safety and protection.

Our expert in-house manufacturing team allows us to deliver flexible, modular, and customizable radiation protection gear that meets your unique needs, consistently on-time and on-budget. Replaceable components such as our tent frames, tie-offs, and joining fittings are designed for seamless integration and make it easy to maintain and upgrade your facility. Our reputation for quality and precision in radiation containment solutions dates back to 1974. Scroll below for our entire list of items, contact us today to learn more, or request a quote.

Radiation Filters, Tent Accessories, and More

Lancs Industries offers a comprehensive range of radiation protection accessories designed for precision and flexibility in how you can use them. The details count when it comes to preventing contamination and ensuring the safety of your staff and facility. We offer many different filters and accessories, such as: pancake filter cartridges, metal housings, plastic housings, and flexible HEPA filter assemblies.

View all of our radiation protection supplies below. Questions about which accessories are right for your set-up? Reach out to the pros at Lancs Industries today to see how we can provide assistance.


Gloves and glovebag accessories (including glove rings, glove clamps, transfer cylinder assemblies, and bag-out rings) create a vital barrier, preventing contamination and maintaining safety by enabling secure handling and manipulation of materials in radiation-sensitive environments.


Tie-offs are heat-sealed to the exterior of tent walls at points running along frame positions to ensure a secure connection. Nylon tie wraps are commonly used to fasten a tent to its frame, providing an additional layer of stability.

Tent Frame and Fittings

The external frame used to support a work tent is an integral part of the tent design. Spacing and location of frame pieces must be planned in a way that ensures a solid tent structure while avoiding interference with tent access or service features.

Lancs Industries uses 1-inch Schedule 40 galvanized steel pipe to fabricate tent frame pieces. Frame members are joined with fittings made of ASTM A47 Grade 32510 heavy-duty cast iron, providing strength and durability. Pipe and fittings are custom-made to accommodate any necessary shape and angle. For those seeking lightweight options, aluminum alternatives are also available.

HEPA Filters

Lancs Industries manufactures  flexible  HEPA filters offering standard 1.5' and 3.5' diameter and custom sizes. These filters  can be sealed into bags, sleeves, and other barriers. These flat and flexible panel filters can be beveled or heat-sealed into polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyurethane (PU) plastic film. Used widely in diverse industries including waste reduction, personnel protection, pharmaceutical reactions, and biohazard containment, our industrial HEPA filters are designed to ensure the highest degree of safety in regard to environmental control and equipment protection.

LI-401 – LI-404 Tent Frames

Lancs Industries - Nuclear Power Plant


  • LI-401: Frame for LI-360-A
  • LI-402: Frame for LI-361B
  • LI-403: Frame for LI-362
  • LI-404: Frame for LI-363

LI-410 Glove Ring


  • Rigid plastic with rubber retention ring
  • Available in yellow, magenta, or black color
  • Used to secure Anti-C gloves to containment sleeves
  • LI-410-4 4-1/2" ID
  • LI-410-5 5-1/2" ID

LI-411 Glove Clamp



  • Stainless steel band with worm screw
  • Used to secure Anti-C gloves to glove rings

LI-412 Anti-C Gloves


  • Available in sizes 9, 10, or 11 with cuff length 12", 15",or 18"
  • Used for anti-C wear or containments
  • Latex, launderable and incinerable




  • High performance Green Nitrile glove that provides outstanding strength, chemical resistance, and high flexibility
  • Unlined Glove



  • PVC Mitt. Used as an alternative to glove sleeves with attached Anti-C gloves over glove rings.
  • Used on glovebags, small containments, transfer sleeves, bag-in/out bags, and drum bags
  • Sizes include: Large – 11″W x 27″L, Medium – 10″W x 26″L, Small – 10″W x 19″L
  • Made from PVC or Polyurethane.

LI-415 Filter Assembly


  • 2 CFM filter (LI-416) with 2 rubber washers, 1 rigid disk washer, and threaded retainer plug
  • Used to vent glovebags and small containments


Lancs Industries - Glovebag Pancake Filter


  • 2 CFM Pancake filter assembly
  • Includes 1 ea Pancake filter cartridge, 1 ea threaded retainer plug, 2 ea rubber washers, and 1 ea rigid dish washer
  • Used to vent glovebags and small containments

LI-416 HEPA Filter, 2 CFM


  • Plastic housing with 3/4" NPT
HEPA Filter


Lancs Industries - Radiation Protection Pancake Filter


  • 2 CFM Pancake filter
  • Cartridge only. 3/4″ NPT

LI-418 Poly Bottle Adaptor


  • Threaded for 3/4" NPT attachment

LI-419 Poly Bottle Adaptor



  • Threaded for 1-13/64" male attachment

LI-420 Poly Bottle Adaptor


  • Threaded for 1-13/64" female attachment

Supplies For Your Safe Work Environment

We help you determine the right tools for the job. If we don’t already have it, we can make it based on your custom specifications.

LI-421 Drain Fitting



  • Screen filter fitting with 2 rubber washers
  • 1 flexible disk washer and threaded retainer nut
  • Used to drain glovebags and small containments
  • Our drain fittings come in 5 sizes:
    • 1/2”
    • 3/4”
    • 1”
    • 1-1/2”
    • 2” (with no screen)

LI-422 Thru-Wall Connector


  • Plastic fixed flange fitting with 2 rubber washers
  • 1 rigid disk washer and threaded retainer nut
  • Used to penetrate walls of glovebags and containments
  • For 1/2" ID hoses

LI-423 Pinch Clamp



  • Metal bracket with clamp plate tightened by threaded thumb screw
  • Used to stop/start flow in plastic tubing (3/4" OD max)

LI-424 Hand Pump


  • Plastic body, self priming 9" long x 1-1/4" dia
  • Intake and outlet sized for 1/2" ID tubing
  • Used to transfer fluid to/from Poly Bottles
  • High density Polyethylene
  • DOT certified
  • 2" screw cap closure with 3/4" center

LI-425 5 Gallon Poly Bottle



  • 14-5/8"L x 9-5/8"H x 11-5/8"W
  • Single opening

LI-426 15 Gallon Poly Bottle


  • 26-1/2"L x 14-1/8"H x 14-1/8"W
  • Double opening

LI-427 Drain Assembly



  • Drain Fitting (LI-421) with 3′ length of 1/2" ID tubing and Pinch Clamp (LI-423)

LI-428 Vent Assembly


  • 2 CFM Filter (LI-416) attached to Poly Bottle Adaptor (LI-418)

LI-433 Transfer Cylinder For Single Chamber Work Containments



  • 18" dia aluminum cylinder Fittings sized to attach to frame of "Doghouse" work chamber LI-301F
  • Used with 20" dia sleeving for passing items out of/into LI-301 glovebag



  • 12″ dia x 4″ deep Bag-out ring/cylinder with securing u-bolt
  • Cylinder made from schedule 80 PVC pipe. U-bolt made from 5/16″ dia steel
  • U-bolt intended to to secure to structural frame of glovebag or tent

LI-450 Tie-off, Large



  • 2" dia disk with heavy duty injection molded PVC eyelet
  • Used on tent and containments walls as support point.
  • For heavier uses.

LI-451 Tie-off, Small


  • 1" dia disk with light duty injection molded PVC eyelet
  • Used on glovebags as support point. For lighter uses.
  • Also available in polyurethane

LI-452 Vinyl Cement



  • Quart can with brush applicator in cap
  • Glue for plastic sheet and vinyl laminated material
  • Used for patching sleeves, containments, and tents
  • LI-452: HH-66, vinyl cement, 1 quart can
  • LI-452-P: HH-66, vinyl cement, 1 pint can
  • LI-452-8oz: HH-66, vinyl cement, 8 oz can
  • LI-452-4oz: HH-66, vinyl cement, 4 oz can

Supplies For Your Safe Work Environment

We help you determine the right tools for the job. If we don’t already have it, we can make it based on your custom specifications.