Tungsten Blankets

Tungsten Lead-Free Shielding Blankets

Lancs Industries sets the standard in advanced radiation protection with our tungsten blankets, designed for critical shielding needs across various industries. Recognizing the importance of both safety and operational efficiency, we deliver products that ensure optimal protection and compliance. Check out all of our Tungsten shielding products such as Tungsten pipe wraps and Tungsten tiles.

Why Tungsten Blankets?

Tungsten, with its remarkable density and attenuation capabilities, surpasses traditional shielding materials by providing exceptional protection against radiation. Its density not only reduces radiation exposure more effectively than materials like lead but is also easier to dispose of after use, enhancing environmental compliance.

Features of Tungsten Blankets

Superior Density for Protection

Tungsten's high density makes our blankets highly effective against gamma rays, protecting personnel and sensitive equipment from radiation.

Custom Fit

Lancs Industries specializes in customizing tungsten blankets to fit your specific shielding requirements. Our ability to tailor blankets in various sizes and shapes ensures a perfect match for your needs.

Broad Application

These blankets are perfect for nuclear, medical, and industrial applications, offering reliable protection wherever radiation is a concern.

User-Friendly Design

Our tungsten blankets are designed for ease of use, allowing for quick deployment and removal. This flexibility is essential for maintaining seamless operations and easy access for maintenance.

Enviornmentally Responsible

Offering a lead-free solution, our tungsten blankets reduce environmental impact, supporting your efforts to maintain eco-friendly operations.

Ideal Tungsten Shielding Applications

Ideal for nuclear facilities, laboratories, and industrial sites, Lancs Industries’ tungsten blankets provide essential radiation protection. They are particularly effective in environments requiring flexible and movable shielding solutions, such as temporary workspaces or areas with varying radiation exposure levels.

Choose Lancs for Your Shielding Needs

With a commitment to excellence in radiation protection, Lancs Industries brings you Tungsten Blankets that embody our dedication to safety, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Our expertise ensures that you receive the best possible solution for your radiation shielding challenges.

Opt for Lancs Industries’ Tungsten Blankets for top-tier protection, combining cutting-edge materials with superior design to keep your operations safe, compliant, and efficient.

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