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In 2019, Lancs Industries began a supplier partnership with Frontida BioPharm Inc. (Frontida was subsequently acquired by Adare Pharma Solutions in 2021.) Lancs worked with Frontida to conceive, design, and manufacture numerous containment products that are used to protect personnel during the manufacturing and production of its oral pharmaceutical formulations. 

Site-Specific Pharmaceutical Containment Products 

Using the  specifications and measurements of Frontida’s production equipment, we custom-produced containments to fit seamlessly over each piece of equipment. The containments were designed and produced to contain all drug compounds during production including operator interface with the machinery.  Each piece of machinery had a unique size and configuration, and the containments needed to be varied, unique, and substantial. Our pharmaceutical production isolators create controlled environments to protect personnel from exposure to hazardous chemicals and compounds, high-risk pathogens, and other substances.  


Lancs Industries produced containments for the following pieces of equipment for the Frontida drug manufacturing process: 

  • Fitzmill containment and flexible adaptor chutes.
  • Tablet blending and pressing containment.
  • Deduster enclosures 
  • Killian S250 enclosures 
  • Granulator enclosures 
  • Scale enclosures 
  • Charge bags 

Example of Pharmaceutical Containment Device – From Concept to Production

Frontida Pharmaceutical Containment System Concept Lancs Industries - Pharmaceutical Containment System

Lancs Industries has designed and manufactured flexible containments for various machines – including dryers, blenders, granulators, and tablet presses – for 50 years. Our products are designed to enable continued high speed operation of machinery while protecting personnel from direct contact with the drug formulation.  

Our pharmaceutical containment products provide comfort and peace of mind for all staff involved in the production processes. Lancs continues to bring the same collaborative design process we’ve honed in our 50 years designing containment products for the nuclear industry, including work with nuclear power and national laboratories, to the pharmaceutical industry. 

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