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Our blog covers topics relevant to the nuclear industry, from radon and radioactive decay to cosmic radiation and how to dispose of radiation waste. Don’t see a topic you’re looking for? Let us know

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Is There a Link Between Cell Phones and Cancer?

The debate about the link between cell phones and cancer, or their ability to cause or contribute to cancer is ongoing. Unfortunately, we can’t provide a black-and-white, yes or no answer because they scientific community has made up their minds at large. What we can say is that the most recent evidence – some of…

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Types of Radiation Protection via Shielding

The first step in providing radiation protection for the public, employees or those exposed via a specific, radioactive accident is to minimize exposure in terms of quantity of radiation and the length of time victims are exposed. In the case of nuclear fallout, this is easier said than done. However, if you work in a…

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Symptoms of Radiation Poisoning For Those Who Work in Radioactive Environments

The short story is that direct exposure to radiation can negatively impact the DNA in your cells, causing radiation poisoning. If exposure exceeds the maximum recommended limits, immediate treatment is necessary to mitigate the damage. If employees or others experience acute, high-levels of radiation, immediate attention is always advised. However, the majority of radiation poisoning…

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What is a Radiation Safety Officer? Responsibilities, Training, and Salary

Any company or business requiring employees to work with or around radiation and/or radioactive materials should have a clear Radiation Safety Program in place, and that program is traditionally led by a designated (qualified) Radiation Safety Officer. If your company is registered with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), you are required to have a designated…


What is a Dosimeter?

Ionizing radiation is harmful. At best, it causes radiation sickness and/or burns; at its worst, it’s fatal or is the cause of terminal cancers and other health conditions that can be fatal. Fortunately, radiation dosimeters come in various sizes and styles, but are ultimately designed to measure the levels of harmful ionizing radiation as a…

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Does Radiation Alter Your DNA?

One question we hear now and then is “Does Radiation Alter Your DNA?” There are different types of radiation, and some have little to no effect on DNA – electromagnetic and radio waves, for example. However, ionizing radiation does affect DNA, and this can be harmful at best, and fatal at worst, if humans don’t…

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The Importance of Radiation Safety Training in the Workplace

Radiation Safety Training should be in integral part of any company whose work puts employees, the environment and/or others at risk for radiation contamination or exposure. According to the 2017 Ionizing Regulations Act: Every employer must ensure that those of its employees who are engaged in work with ionizing radiation are given appropriate training in…

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Radiation Containment Types & Styles: Adequate Protection Requires the Right Choice

Your protection from radiation exposure is entirely dependent on the quality of the shielding products you use. Failure to choose the right type or style can lead to unnecessary exposure and long-term consequences.   Radiation Containment 101: Basic Types and Styles If you’re working in a radioactive career or in a job environment, its essential…


Radiation Exposure Compensation Act

It’s important to note that while the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA) does help certain individuals who were unlawfully and/or unethically exposed to nuclear weapons radiation – it only pertains to very particular years during 1945 and 1962. If you have been exposed to radiation after these dates – via your place of work or…