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Our blog covers topics relevant to the nuclear industry, from radon and radioactive decay to cosmic radiation and how to dispose of radiation waste. Don’t see a topic you’re looking for? Let us know


Protect Yourself From Radiation Exposure

Do you live or work in a place that puts you at risk for radiation exposure? The more you can do to educate yourself and take precautions, the better. Radiation exposure is not something that can be “undone.” Once your body has absorbed its maximum dose of Alpha, Beta or Gamma exposure – bad things…


Radioactive Holiday Gifts For the Ones You Love (and hate)

Tired of buying the same ol’ holiday gifts year after year? Looking for that truly rare, one-of-a-kind present for the impossible to buy for relatives in your life? We have just the thing – radioactive elements. We’re joking (sort of). Believe it or not, there was a time when radiation was considered good for you…


Different Types of Radiation Shielding Materials

We’re lucky to live in a time period where: A) We understand the dangers and risks associated with exposure to radioactive materials B) We understand the various ways to protect ourselves from radiation C) We have the materials knowledge and technology to craft radiation shielding products that are more workable, comfortable and versatile than ever…


Know Your Radiation Exposure Limits

Radiation is bad right? Well, not necessarily. First, it depends on the type of radiation. Some radiation isn’t all that harmful at all within a reasonable limit. Other types of radiation are much more powerful and require heavy protection, limited exposure and an ample supply of education and safety training in order to keep yourself…

Radiation Shielding

Radiation Protection for Radioactive Careers

A few months ago, we posted a blog about radioactive careers. Some of them were no-brainers, others were a bit surprising (airline pilots?). Because radiation exposure is cumulative, it’s important that those who work around radioactive materials – or in environments where radiation exposure it a potential threat – are more than adequately protective.  …


Radiation Exposure Compensation – Do You Qualify?

The goal of any company who works with or around radioactive materials is to keep its workers safe. Or at least that should be the goal. Unfortunately, accidents happen. Sometimes those accidents are very big ones, like the nuclear accident involving Fukushima’s reactors after the March 2011 earthquake. In other cases, radiation exposure occurs through…


10 Signs of Radiation Sickness

Radiation sickness is caused by a harmful level of exposure to radioactive materials. It encompasses any negative physical side effects resulting from ionizing radiation exposure. That last point is important because there are two types of radiation: non-ionizing and ionizing. Non-ionizing radiation is a product of the environment. We are exposed to it through light…


Radioactive Careers

Radiation has been a hot topic for a long time now. On one hand, it’s a natural byproduct of the sun and other radioactive elements found in Mother Nature. On the other hand, modern innovations have placed certain workers in a position where they experience more than their fair share of radiation exposure. The worst…

MRI machine and screens

What is Scatter Radiation? Types and Safety Precautions

Most people are concerned about their own health and safety when they get an X-Ray. In truth, unless you receive frequent X-rays, the individuals who are at most risk for cumulative radiation damage are the radiology technicians who spend the bulk of their working day surrounded by radioactive waves and particles. While technicians typically retire…