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The Lancs Industries QuickRack is a versatile new tool for your ALARA toolbox. It provides users an inexpensive, lightweight, and alternative way to quickly hang shielding and protect workers from sources of ionizing radiation. Whether used as a shadow shield around a worker or to create a shield around a source, it allows the user…



  Our expertise with a broad array of dose reduction challenges helps solve the difficult radiation shielding situations a Radiation Protection Manager or Technician will encounter. From emergent radiological issues to large scale refueling outages, we can recommend and custom manufacture the best shielding solution for your specific needs. As the largest manufacturer of lead…


Lancs Featured on Fox Show “Sleepy Hollow”: October 14, 2013

LANCS PRODUCTS FEATURED ON FOX SHOW “SLEEPY HOLLOW” WHICH AIRED OCTOBER 14, 2013 FOX’s epic retelling of the Ichabod Crane story in the new series “Sleepy Hollow” has garnered critical acclaim. The thrilling new mystery-adventure takes place in modern times with the classic characters awakening after 250 years. Lancs’ containment tents, glovebags and other products…



Lancs manufactures radiation shielding and contamination control products using a flexible design and manufacturing process that is always responsive to customer needs. Material selection, functional design and dimensions can all be uniquely specified. Lancs will build to order. Many projects and maintenance operations present situations in which custom designed containments would reduce the complexity of…



    Earlier this year Lancs manufactured and assembled this containment tent for EnergySolutions, which was used at the Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory on the Separations Process Research Unit (SPRU) cleanup project. This large tent (18′ wide x 50′ long x 18′ tall) was completed as part of a consent order between the Department of…


Glovebag, Containment Tent and Radiation Shielding Training

You’ve got alpha. We’ve got answers. While many plants have good theoretical alpha concepts, few have had to deal with real-world alpha problems. Whether you need training, advice, planning help, or containment products, we are here to help. ALARA Training Services offered by Lancs Industries cover the use of glovebags, containment tents, and radiation shielding.…

Glovebag Training & Fabrication Seminar from PVNGS

Glovebag Training & Fabrication Seminar from PVNGS

Lancs Industries recently hosted six members of the ALARA Planning, Radiation Protection, Maintenance, RP Training and Weld team from the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station (PVNGS) in Wintersburg, Arizona for a three day glovebag training and fabrication seminar at our Kirkland, Washington manufacturing facility. The session included two full days of custom glove bag design,…

Training For Your Staff: Innovative Radiological Work Practices and ALARA Techniques to Assist with Alpha Contamination Problems

Training For Your Staff: Innovative Radiological Work Practices and ALARA Techniques to Assist with Alpha Contamination Problems

Lancs is pleased to offer training classes on radiological work practices and ALARA techniques at our plant in Kirkland, Washington, or at your facility. Two nuclear plants have recently scheduled training by Lancs personnel for their employees to assist with alpha contamination problems and glovebag use. Lancs teaches your staff key best practices in ALARA…


Lancs Acquires BOP/Barrier Filters

Founded in 1998, BOP Filter/Barriers has manufactured the leading flexible high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) grade filter in contamination and particulate control applications for nuclear and pharmaceutical environments. Lancs has used these filters for over 10 years, and will continue BOP’s excellence in quality manufacturing in its Kirkland facility. Lancs and its BOP Filters subsidiary…