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Understanding X-rays and X-ray Shielding

Understanding X-rays and X-ray Shielding

You probably already know that x-rays are used in the medical industry to lend doctors and other healthcare professionals more data about their patients. What you may not know is that x-rays, for all of their merits, are a form of ionizing, electromagnetic radiation that can damage human tissue – e.g., you or me –…

What is Radiation?

What is Radiation?

When many people hear the word “radiation,” they immediately think of its harmful effects. With so many warnings about radiation exposure in the news, it’s easy to relate radiation to cancer and environmental damage even though radiation can also be beneficial. For starters, it is important to state what radiation is not in relation to…


Radiation is Fun: Mars Mission Radiation Shield Competition

Here at Lancs Industries, we manufacture, design and sell all number of radiation shielding products. That includes the creation and development of products or clothing that are specifically tailored for our clients’ needs. It turns out that we aren’t the only ones interested in creating solutions for complex radiation exposure solutions; NASA recently held a…


Working With Radiation: Wear the Right Protective Clothing

You can never be too cautious when you work with or around radiation and radioactive products. While there’s no need to wear a protective hood when speaking on your cell phone (not yet, anyway), companies and employees who work in a radioactive environment or with radioactive products should always err on the side of caution…


Portable Containment Tents : Safety and Efficiency

Does your workplace or industrial facility require the use of radiation, lead or other harmful contaminants? If so, portable containment tents are an affordable and efficient solution for preventing the spread of contaminants from surface to surface, or into the surrounding environment, and they also minimize the scope and complexity of your cleanup process. In…

What is an Anti-Radiation Blanket, and Do I Need One?

What is an Anti-Radiation Blanket, and Do I Need One?

The reality is that radiation is produced by Mother Nature, as well as mankind. As a result, our bodies are exposed to various forms of radiation on a daily basis. The problem is that not all forms of radiation are considered equal, and some forms are much more harmful to living things and their DNA…


ALARA: What Is It And What Can It Do For You?

ALARA is both a safety principle, as well as a regulatory requirement, for those of us who work in radiation safety programs. It was designed with the understanding that even minimal exposure to radiation and radioactive materials in the environment can be detrimental to human and other life forms. The acronym stands for: As Low…


Cell Phone Radiation… Myth or Reality?

While talking about our business at a local event recently, someone asked this question… Is cell phone radiation for real? And, if so, should I be worried about radiation exposure from my cell phone? The answer to the first question is yes, cell phone radiation is a real thing. In the words of the National…


Glovebags for Radiological Work on Piping and Valves

During the planning for radiological work on piping and valves, one of the options is to consider the use of a glovebag. Many people think that glovebags take too long or are too difficult to install. Lancs glovebag models LI-304 and LI338 have a continuous Velcro strip that allows the worker to wrap the glovebag…