Glovebag Training & Fabrication Seminar from PVNGS

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Lancs Industries recently hosted six members of the ALARA Planning, Radiation Protection, Maintenance, RP Training and Weld team from the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station (PVNGS) in Wintersburg, Arizona for a three day glovebag training and fabrication seminar at our Kirkland, Washington manufacturing facility. The session included two full days of custom glove bag design, fabrication, installation and use.

The Lancs and Palo Verde teams designed, fabricated and set up two piping mockups based on PVNGS’ actual facility layout. Maintenance scenarios were presented and worked through. Additionally, the two teams developed solutions to recent industry challenges in weld preparations of EPRI Level 3 Alpha components, designing a new containment targeting this area. The PVNGS team gained a renewed appreciation for the utility of glovebags in resolving challenging problems in contamination control.

“Kudos to the entire Lancs Team for their innovative approach, positive attitude and professional response to the needs of the Nuclear Industry.” ~ Scott Williams, RP Ops Section Leader, Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station

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