LI-312 Glovebag

LI-312 Glovebag Details

The LI-312 Glovebag is specifically crafted for complex installations, such as mounting over large valves. Its thoughtful design includes an offset installation sleeve and a unique chamber shelf for tools, enhancing operational glovebag efficiency and safety in hazardous environments.



  • 24" dia body and 15" high work chamber w/18" access zipper
  • 12" dia installation sleeve on bottom
  • 5 glove sleeve ports on side of chamber
  • 1 access sleeve port on top
  • 1 support ring
  • For mounting over large valve with offset installation sleeve to allow for shelf in chamber for tools on one side.

LI-312 Materials and Construction:

Main Body: This glovebag is made from 12 mil or 20 mil double-polished clear PVC, ensuring durability, visibility, and fire retardant protection.

Glove Sleeves: With glove sleeve ports constructed from 8 mil translucent yellow PVC, the LI-312 maintains Lancs Industries' standard for safety, allowing for secure handling of materials.

LI-312 Design Features:

Work Chamber: Offers a 24" diameter body and a 15" high work chamber, providing ample space for tasks, equipped with an 18" access zipper for easy entry.

Installation Sleeve: A 12" diameter installation sleeve on the bottom, designed for offset mounting, allows for a chamber shelf on one side to place tools.

Glove Sleeve Ports: Five glove sleeve ports on the side of the chamber and one access sleeve port on top enhance flexibility and access within the glovebag.

Support Ring: The inclusion of a support ring aids in maintaining the shape and stability of the glovebag during use.

LI-312 Functionality:

Designed for mounting over large valves, the LI-312 Glovebag's offset installation sleeve and internal shelf for tools address the need for practicality and convenience in challenging installations. This feature supports efficient tool management and accessibility, ensuring that necessary operations can be performed safely and effectively.

The LI-312 Glovebag by Lancs Industries is an innovative solution for handling hazardous materials, offering enhanced safety and operational ease for tasks involving large valves and complex installations.

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