LI-300-BOB Bag-Out Bag

LI-300-BOB Details

The LI-300-BOB Bag-Out Bag is designed for safe handling and containment of hazardous materials, focusing on straightforward functionality and safety. This glovebag product reflects Lancs Industries’ commitment to providing practical and reliable solutions for environments where contamination control is critical.



  • Bag-In/Bag-out Bag with internal mitts/gloves. Various sizes, diameters and lengths. Made from PVC or Polyurethane.
  • Flexible HEPA filter option if required.
  • The bag in/out bag has shock/bungee cord located in the hem of the open end that fits into a rib around the bagging ring/port of the filter housing.
  • When the door is opened/removed, the bag provides a barrier between operator and contaminated filter
  • Each bag includes 3ea built-in glove sleeves/mitts to facilitate the filter change

LI-300-BOB Materials and Construction:

Main Body: Made from 12 mil or 20 mil double-polished clear PVC, the LI-300-BOB's body offers durability and clear visibility. Its fire retardant property enhances safety in high-risk environments.

Glove Sleeves and Access Sleeves:

Constructed from 8 mil translucent yellow PVC, also fire retardant, these components allow for safe manipulation of materials within the Bag-Out Bag

LI-300-BOB Design Features:

The LI-300-BOB incorporates internal gloves/mitts and can be customized in various sizes, diameters, and lengths to suit different operational requirements. It can also include a flexible HEPA filter option for tasks that necessitate air purity.

A key design feature is the shock/bungee cord located at the open end's hem. This cord is designed to fit into a rib around the filter housing's bagging ring/port, ensuring a secure and effective seal when the door is opened or removed. This seal acts as a barrier, protecting the operator from direct exposure to contaminated filters.

LI-300-BOB Functionality:

The glovebag includes three built-in glove sleeves/mitts, simplifying the process of changing filters while maintaining safety and containment integrity.

Engineered for practical use in challenging environments, the LI-300-BOB Bag-Out bag from Lancs Industries serves as a crucial tool for engineers and technicians dealing with hazardous materials, ensuring tasks can be performed safely and effectively.

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