LI-301 Single Chamber Work Containment "Doghouse Glovebag"

The LI-301 "Doghouse" Glovebag is a staple in the realm of hazardous material management, offering a practical and reliable solution for assembly, maintenance, and repair work. This glovebag design and features have set it as an industry leader, recognized for its user-friendly access and optimal dimensions that facilitate a variety of tasks.

LI-301 Glovebag Product Details



  • 27"H x 39"L x 24"W
  • 18" dia transfer sleeve
  • 14" x 16" access flap
  • 7 2" dia service sleeves
  • sets of glove port access sleeves

The "Doghouse" has become an industry standard and is widely used for assembly, maintenance, and repair work. Easy-to-use access ports and useful dimensions make the doghouse a popular ALARA tool. The LI-301 glovebag is used in conjunction with an external frame (LI-301F) and aluminum drip pan for support. The frame and glovebag assembly can also be mounted on a wheeled mounting frame for mobility.

LI-301 Materials and Construction:

The LI-301 is made from the same high-standard materials as our other glovebags, including 12 mil or 20 mil double-polished clear PVC for visibility and durability, and 8 mil translucent yellow PVC for the glove and service sleeves, ensuring fire retardancy and safety during operations.

Glove Sleeves and Access Sleeves:

Access Flap: A 14" x 16" access flap provides additional flexibility for inserting equipment or larger items. Service Sleeves: Seven 2" diameter service sleeves enhance the functionality of the glovebag, offering multiple points of access for tools and cables.

Glove Port Access Sleeves: Sets of glove port access sleeves are included, tailored for precise operations within the containment area.

LI-301 Design Features:

Dimensions: The glovebag's dimensions are 27"H x 39"L x 24"W, designed to accommodate a wide range of activities. Sleeve: An 18" diameter transfer sleeve allows for the secure movement of materials into and out of the containment area.

LI-301 Functionality:

The LI-301 "Doghouse" is designed for use with the LI-301F frame (see below) and an aluminum drip pan, providing essential support and stability. This assembly can be mounted on a wheeled frame, offering mobility and flexibility for on-site operations. Its easy-to-use access ports and the thoughtful inclusion of useful features make the "Doghouse" an effective ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) tool, minimizing exposure and maximizing safety.

LI-301F Doghouse External Frame and Drip Pan

The LI-301F frame is designed to provide stability and support for the containment system. Additionally, an aluminum transfer cylinder (LI-433) can be utilized, which is sized to perfectly fit the 18" transfer sleeve of the LI-301, attaching directly to the external frame. This cylinder facilitates the secure and efficient transfer of materials into or out of the glovebag.

When the system is further equipped with a 20" diameter PVC sleeving (LI-620), it ensures that objects are safely moved into or out of the "Doghouse" assembly, enhancing the glovebag’s utility and safety in various operational contexts.

This combination of the LI-301 glovebag with the LI-301F frame and specific accessories like the LI-433 transfer cylinder and LI-620 sleeving exemplifies a well-thought-out system designed to meet the rigorous demands of hazardous material handling, offering a comprehensive solution that prioritizes operator safety and workflow efficiency.

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