LI-311 Glovebag

LI-311 Glovebag Details

The LI-311 Glovebag is designed for versatility and safety in handling hazardous materials, particularly for use on piping systems of varying diameters. This glovebag dual installation sleeves and multiple glove sleeve ports offer flexibility and efficient containment for diverse industrial tasks.


  • 30" dia body and 18" high work chamber w/12" access zipper
  • Dual installation sleeves on bottom: concentric 4" dia and 9" dia
  • 2 glove sleeve ports on top of chamber
  • 4 glove sleeve ports on side of chamber
  • Multiple size access sleeves for flexible use on different diameter piping systems.
Lancs Industries - Nuclear Power Plant

LI-311 Materials and Construction:

Main Body: Constructed from 12 mil or 20 mil double-polished clear PVC, the LI-311 provides durability, clear visibility, and fire retardant safety.

Glove Sleeves: The glove sleeve ports are made from 8 mil translucent yellow PVC, ensuring fire retardancy and safe handling within the glovebag.

LI-311 Design Features:

Work Chamber: A 30" diameter body and an 18" high work chamber afford significant space for operations, equipped with a 12" access zipper for easy entry.

Installation Sleeves: The glovebag features dual installation sleeves on the bottom for 4" and 9" diameter mounts, accommodating a wide range of piping sizes.

Glove Sleeve Ports: Two glove sleeve ports on the top and four on the side of the chamber enhance accessibility and operational flexibility.

LI-311 Functionality:

The LI-311 Glovebag's design, particularly its multiple size access sleeves, allows for flexible use on different diameter piping systems, ensuring a secure and effective containment solution. This feature makes it highly suitable for tasks requiring adaptability to various sizes of piping, supporting safe and efficient work processes.

Ideal for professionals needing a reliable containment solution for a range of piping diameters, the LI-311 Glovebag by Lancs Industries demonstrates a commitment to providing high-quality, versatile, and safe glovebags for hazardous material management.

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