LI-304 Glovebag

LI-304 Glovebag Details

The LI-304 Glovebag showcases Lancs Industries’ commitment to innovative solutions in hazardous material management. Its compact and flexible design makes it an optimal choice for a wide range of applications, including those involving continuous piping. Learn more about all of our glovebag products.



  • 18" dia body with 24" long work chamber
  • 8" dia installation sleeves on both ends
  • Presslock zipper or Velcro closure runs length of bag
  • 12" zipper access opening
  • 1 pair of glove sleeve ports on each side of chamber
  • Splits in half to close around continuous piping run for installation.

LI-304 Materials and Construction:

Main Body: Made from 12 mil or 20 mil double-polished clear PVC, the LI-304 provides robustness, clear visibility, and fire retardant safety. This ensures a secure working environment for operators.

Glove Sleeves: Equipped with glove sleeves constructed from 8 mil translucent yellow PVC, also fire retardant, allowing for secure handling of materials and operations within the glovebag without direct contact.

LI-304 Design Features:

Work Chamber: The glovebag features an 8" diameter body with a 24" long work chamber, designed for ease of use in various operational contexts.

Installation Sleeves: With 8" diameter installation sleeves on both ends, the LI-304 can be securely attached to continuous piping, providing a versatile solution for installation and maintenance tasks.

Closure System: A press-lock zipper or Velcro closure runs the length of the bag, offering flexible access, while a 12" zipper access opening allows for easy insertion of tools and equipment.

Glove Sleeve Ports: One pair of glove sleeve ports on each side of the chamber enhances the functionality, allowing for precise manipulations.

LI-304 Functionality:

The LI-304’s design allows it to split in half and wrap around continuous piping runs, facilitating seamless installation. This feature is particularly useful for tasks that require a durable and adaptable containment solution for ensuring safety and efficiency in handling hazardous materials.

The LI-304 Glovebag by Lancs Industries is a testament to the company's dedication to providing high-quality, safe, and flexible solutions for hazardous material containment, catering to the specific needs of professionals in the field.

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