Lancs manufactures radiation shielding and contamination control products using a flexible design and manufacturing process that is always responsive to customer needs. Material selection, functional design and dimensions can all be uniquely specified. Lancs will build to order.

Many projects and maintenance operations present situations in which custom designed containments would reduce the complexity of work. The potential applications are unlimited. Here are some of the design factors we consider when developing custom radiation shielding product design:

Design Factors
• Flexible Covers to protect high value equipment when in use
• Waste Box Liners to streamline disposal activities
• Splash Guards to avoid decontaminating equipment after use
• RAM Bags & Sleeves to shroud objects for handling and disposal

Products from our library of designs for more commonly used Radiation Shielding products and protective clothing items can be ordered with little or no modification. We now carry a ready to ship inventory of many regularly ordered items.

Learn more about custom design.

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