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With a 17,000 sq. ft. production, warehouse, and administrative facility in Kirkland, Washington, Lancs is the largest manufacturer of radiation shielding and containment products in North America. Lancs has produced over 80% of the lead blankets in use in nuclear power plants in the United States today. Lancs now carries a ready to ship inventory of many standard radiation shielding products such as glovebags and sleeving.

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Experience and Reach

Lancs Industries manufactures nuclear and radiation shielding products and protective clothing which reduce risk and increase the safety of workers in potentially hazardous environments. Our products are used to prevent the spread of contamination and reduce exposure in radioactive arenas such as nuclear power plants, Department of Energy cleanup sites and laboratory facilities, and naval shipyards.

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Lancs Acquires BOP Filter/Barriers

Founded in 1998, BOP Filter/Barriers has manufactured the leading flexible high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) grade filter in contamination and particulate control applications for nuclear and pharmaceutical environments. Lancs has used these filters for over 10 years, and will continue BOP’s excellence in quality manufacturing in its Kirkland facility. 

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Training for Your Staff: Innovative Radiological Work Practices and ALARA Techniques

Lancs is pleased to offer free training classes on radiological work practices and ALARA techniques at our plant facility in Kirkland, Washington. Lancs teaches your staff key best practices in ALARA safety which translate into lower dose for workers, shorter outages and overall cost savings for your facility.

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Plastic … How Did We Survive Without it?

Lancs products were prominently featured on the hit FOX series Sleepy Hollow. In case you missed it, click here to view highlights from the approximately 10 minutes of the episode during which Lancs products were featured.


Built to Order Lead Blankets, Glovebags, and More

Our flexible design and manufacturing process can produce any radiation shielding product or protective clothing item in the configuration you need, when you need it. Material selection, functional design and dimensions can all be uniquely specified. Lancs has also developed a library of designs and standard products of more commonly used items that can be ordered with little or no modification.

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Give our sales team a call at 425.823.6634. We’re ready to help and answer any questions about products in our catalog or our custom industrial safety and radiation protection solutions.