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Lead Radiation Shielding Racks

Blanket racking systems can be both storage and utilization solutions designed for organizing, storing, and positioning radiation shielding blankets, such as lead wool blankets or lead plate blankets, in facilities where radiation protection is necessary. These systems are crucial in environments like nuclear power plants and DOE sites, research laboratories, industrial settings, and medical facilities s where radiation is produced, or present.

Lancs Lead Blanket Racking Systems

Lancs offers two ways to rank blankets: our LI-261 Wheeled Rack and our QuickRack system.

LI-261 Wheeled Rack

At 6’ high and 3’ wide and hooks distributed on both sides with 4” spacing, the wheeled rack makes it easy to place radiation protection anywhere you need it, enabling configurations to suit your process and space.

Lancs QuickRack

Weighing less than 50 pounds, the QuickRack system allows you to create a shield around a source or worker quickly and easily. Its modular, lightweight design saves time and reduces dosage, cutting labor costs.

Lead Radiation Shielding Solutions

From small local site shielding projects to large scale refueling outages, we can advise on the best materials to use and can manufacture any configuration for lead blankets to best address your requirements.

Key Features and Benefits of Blanket Racking Systems:

Radiation Shielding Positioning

Positioning shielding around a source. If short term/temporary shielding from a source of radiation is needed, shielding can be temporarily placed on either rack to shield radiation.

Efficient Storage

Blanket racking systems provide a dedicated space for storing radiation shielding blankets when they are not in use. This helps in keeping the work area organized and ensures that blankets are easily accessible when needed.

Space Optimization

By using vertical space or compact configurations, these racking systems can help minimize the footprint required for storage.

Ease of Access

Designed for convenience, blanket racking systems often feature open shelves or hangers that allow for quick selection and retrieval of blankets. This can significantly reduce preparation time for procedures requiring radiation protection.

Protection of Blankets

Proper storage extends the lifespan of the blankets by preventing them from being piled up, crumpled, or stepped on, which could lead to deterioration of the protective materials.


Our LI-261 system makes it easy to roll your blankets exactly where you need them, while the QuickRack can be carried to a location and set up in minutes.

By providing an organized, efficient, and safe method for storing radiation shielding blankets, blanket racking systems from Lancs play a crucial role in radiation safety management within various settings. They contribute to workflow efficiency, safety, and the overall effectiveness of radiation protection strategies.

LI-261 Wheeled Rack

Wheeled racks are the backbone of versatile radiation shielding solutions in an industrial workspace. These racks can be transported anywhere within the plant and create configurable partitions, servicing the requirements of your specific process and space.


  • 6’ high x 3’ wide
  • One row of hooks on both sides, 4” spacing

Lancs QuickRack

The Lancs Industries QuickRack is a versatile new tool for your ALARA toolbox. It provides users an inexpensive, lightweight, and alternative way to quickly hang shielding and protect workers from sources of ionizing radiation. Whether used as a shadow shield around a worker or to create a shield around a source, it allows the user to readily construct and deconstruct a temporary shield in just minutes with minimal resources. Where traditional steel racks may be too large or cumbersome to deploy, the lightweight and modular design of the QuickRack allows for easy setup, breakdown and moving to virtually any area of the plant – from narrow Pipe Chases and Valve Galleries to Steam Generator Eddy Current Platforms. It weighs less than 50 pounds total and is comprised of 2 pieces (25 lbs each piece), allowing for easy access into rooms with narrow doorways. The QuickRack saves the user time and reduces dosage, cutting labor costs for your facility. This tool has been recognized by INPO as strength in the shielding program at Braidwood Nuclear Plant.

Quick Rack


A certified structural analysis has shown that QuickRack tools can sustain a vertical application of up to 11,244 pounds (more than 150 lead wool blankets). These tools have withstood a crane’s heaviest counterweight – a certified 9,500 lbs – with no structural deformation.


A Variety of Possible Uses:

• Low-dose waiting area in HRA and LHRA
• Shadow Shields for S/G Platform Workers
• Hot spot shielding
• Personal shield booth for fire watch and FME monitors
• During RCP work (draining/filling, MMD, etc.)
• Around valve and piping work
• Field Supervision and Oversight Activities
• In-core sump entries

Lead Radiation Shielding Solutions

From small local site shielding projects to large scale refueling outages, we can advise on the best materials to use and can manufacture any configuration for lead blankets to best address your requirements.