Best Practices

We’ll Train Your Staff

Lancs is pleased to offer training classes on radiological work practices and ALARA techniques at our plant facility in Kirkland, Washington, or at your workplace site.

Two-day training classes cover all phases of radiological work and include the use of glove bags, tents, and radiation shielding. Lancs teaches your staff key best practices in ALARA safety which translates into a lower dose for workers, shorter outages, and overall cost savings for your facility.

Most of the training is hands-on. For example, attendees will learn how to fabricate glove bags and containment tents. Often an underutilized tool, glove bags create an isolated environment for maintenance and repair work to be performed, reducing the need for full-body suits and respiratory equipment. The classroom portion will also touch on other engineered controls that workers can implement. The interaction between our staff and visiting radiological personnel has resulted in the development of customized products specifically tailored to solve individual site needs.

Lancs training sessions are led by Larry Waggoner who managed the Hanford ALARA Center for 12 years after working for 30 years with the Nuclear Power Division of Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. Larry is a Fellow of the Health Physics Society, a Registered Radiation Protection Technologist, and an Operational Health Physicist of the Year awardee from Hanford.

To schedule a training class contact us at 425.823.6634 or