LI-362 Single Chamber Tents



  • 8′ wide x 8′ long x 7′ high overall dimensions
  • One vent filter screen with velcro panel
  • Set of two 3" dia service sleeves & one 8" dia service sleeve on adjacent walls

Note: The Lancs LI-362 Single Chamber Tent is completely customizable for your needs. Contact us today to create a custom solution. While you're here, be sure and check out all of our portable containment tents as well as our containment tents which can be permanently placed!

LI-362 Tent Material

  • All materials are fire retardant
  • Tent walls are made using Pacifitex 1400
  • Floors are made using Pacifitex 1800
  • Windows are made using 20 mil double-polished clear PVC
  • Service Sleeves and Access Ports are made using 8 mil translucent yellow PVC
  • Doors are made using YKK Vislon #10 heavy-duty molded tooth zipper
  • Frames utilize 1 inch nominal Schedule 40 galvanized steel pipe with custom-machined fittings for easy assembly

LI-362 Tent Construction

The LI-362 Portable Containment Tent stands as a robust and reliable solution for industrial and environmental safety needs. The Pacifitex material used in the manufacturing of this tent incorporates a nylon scrim encased in PVC that creates a high strength material that holds up to high strain use. The LI-362’s construction begins with the meticulous fusion of all wall, floor, and ceiling panels, achieved using RF electronic technology. This advanced sealing technique ensures a strong, cohesive structure, that increases the tent’s overall integrity and tensile strength. Additionally, the work chamber panels are double-sealed, reinforcing the tent’s durability and resilience, crucial for withstanding the rigors of industrial use.

LI-362 Tent Details

Window panels and service sleeves are securely heat-sealed, maintaining a minimum ¼” seam, which enhances the tent’s structural stability and containment capabilities. The doors are equipped with double-stitched zippers, a design choice aimed at preventing rip-outs. For added security, Velcro flaps are also incorporated as covers. Ventilation within the tent is addressed with the option of including inlet filters made from high-quality reticulated foam filter media, housed in mesh screen pouches, to support negative ventilation setups. Completing the design, heavy-duty injection molded PVC tie-off points are heat-sealed to the tent’s exterior at strategic intervals along the frame lines. These points provide essential support for the tent chamber, enabling the LI-362 to meet a variety of containment needs effectively.

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