LI-361B Dual Chamber Tent


  • 6′ wide x 6′ long x 7′ high overall dimensions
  • 6′ wide x 6′ long work chamber
  • 6′ wide 3′ long ante room changing area
  • One vent filter screen per chamber
  • Set of two 3" dia service sleeves & one 8" dia service sleeve on opposite walls

Note: The Lancs LI-361B Dual Chamber Tent is completely customizable for your needs. Contact us today to create a custom solution. While you're here, be sure and check out all of our portable containment tents as well as our containment tents which can be permanently placed!

LI-3601B Tent Material

  • All materials are fire retardant
  • Tent walls are made using Pacifitex 1400 (Note: This can be customized per customer request)
  • Floors are made using Pacifitex 1800. Removable Floors are available
  • Windows are made using 20 mil double-polished clear PVC
  • Service Sleeves and Access Ports are made using 8 mil translucent yellow PVC
  • Doors are made using YKK Vislon #10 heavy-duty molded tooth zipper
  • Frames utilize 1 inch nominal Schedule 40 galvanized steel pipe with custom-machined fittings for easy assembly

LI-361B Tent Construction

The LI-361B Dual Chamber Portable Containment Tent is crafted to meet the demanding needs of various industrial applications. The Pacifitex material used in the manufacturing of this tent incorporates a nylon scrim encased in PVC that creates a high strength material that holds up to high strain use. The LI-361b features a dual-chamber structure, with all wall, floor, and ceiling panels securely heat-sealed together using cutting-edge RF technology. This method not only ensures airtight and watertight seals but also significantly enhances the tent's overall strength and integrity. To further bolster its durability, the work chamber panels of the LI-361B are double-sealed, a measure that maximizes the tent’s tensile strength and ensures long-lasting performance in challenging environments.

LI-361B Tent Details

Window panels and service sleeves are heat-sealed, incorporating a minimum seam of 1/2” to guarantee robustness and a stable containment environment. The tent’s entryways are equipped with double-stitched zippers, specifically designed to prevent rip-outs, and are complemented by Velcro flaps for additional security. For enhanced environmental control, inlet filters made from high-grade reticulated foam filter media housed in mesh screen pouches are available, facilitating effective negative ventilation. Furthermore, the tent features strategically placed tie-off points, made from heavy-duty injection molded PVC and securely attached to the tent’s exterior at intervals along the frame lines. These points provide crucial support for the dual-chamber structure, ensuring stability and reliability in diverse usage scenarios.

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