LI-307 Glovebag

LI-306 Glovebag

The LI-307 Glovebag is tailored for flexibility and safety, perfect for working on continuous pipe components up to 3" in diameter. Its versatile design allows for a wide range of applications and configurations, catering to the practical glovebag needs of industrial operations.



  • 16" dia body with 15" high work chamber
  • 24" x 48" bottom flange flap with closure zipper
  • 12" zipper access opening
  • 3 glove sleeve ports on side of chamber
  • 1 glove sleeve port on top of chamber
  • Bottom flange flap enables installation around components in long continuous run work site. Good for total enclosure on pipe or valve body up to 8" diameter.

LI-307 Materials and Construction:

Main Body: The bag is constructed from 12 mil or 20 mil double-polished clear PVC, ensuring durability and clear visibility, along with fire retardant properties for safety.

Glove Sleeves: Equipped with glove sleeves made from 8 mil translucent yellow PVC, the LI-307 also promotes safety through its fire retardant material.

LI-307 Design Features:

Chamber: The LI-307 features a 46" long chamber, providing ample space for various tasks, with Velcro or zipper closures for secure sealing around 3" diameter installation sleeves.

Body: A 10" diameter body includes one glove sleeve access port on each end, enhancing usability.

Glove Sleeve Ports: With two pairs of glove sleeve ports on each side of the chamber, the design maximizes access and flexibility for handling materials.

Service Sleeves: The inclusion of two service sleeves adds to the glovebag’s versatility.

Access Zipper: A 12" chamber access zipper facilitates easy entry to the work area.

LI-307 Functionality:

Designed for use on continuous pipe components, the LI-307 Glovebag's design and features make it highly adaptable for different operational scenarios. Its construction supports safe and efficient work on pipes up to 3" in diameter, proving to be a flexible tool for a multitude of applications.

The LI-307 Glovebag offers a practical and reliable solution for managing hazardous materials, combining Lancs Industries’ commitment to quality with the versatility required for complex industrial tasks.

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