Containment Products: Containments, Glove Bags, And Tents

Reduce Contamination

Glovebags, Containments, and Tents

Lancs manufacturers a wide variety of containment products including glove bags, containments, and tents with different configurations and dimensions. Along with our line of protective clothing and supplies, the designs for these products have been developed throughout many years of experience with the U.S. Navy nuclear program, electrical utilities, and DOE lab facilities.

Glovebags are flexible containments that enclose a contaminated item or form a small work area to confine the spread of contamination. For use under components to capture drips or leaks, Catch Containments (also Drip Bags, or Drip Pockets) can help prevent the potential spread of contamination.

Properly designed Work Tents will reduce cross-contamination from work being done on structures or spaces contaminated by radiological or other hazardous materials.

Control contamination

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