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Plastic … How Did We Survive Without It?


In October 2013 Lancs products were prominently featured on the hit FOX series Sleepy Hollow. In case you missed it, we created a video of highlights from the approximately 10 minutes of the episode during which Lancs products were featured. See it here.

Lancs Day at the Seahawks!


As a year-end thank you, members of the Lancs Industries team attended the division leading Seattle Seahawks final regular season home game of the year against the St. Louis Rams on December 29, 2013.



From CNN: “Academy Award®-nominated director Robert Stone examines how fears of “nukes” may have extended the era of fossil fuels, perilously accelerating the pace of climate change as the global demand for energy soars, particularly in the developing world. Stone tells the intensely personal stories of environmentalists and energy experts who have undergone profound conversions from being passionately against, to strongly favoring nuclear energy – putting their careers and reputations on the line in the process.” More from CNN here.

Read more about Pandora’s Promise here.

The NEI interviewed Robert Stone and Gwyneth Cravens in August of 2013. You can read their interview and a discussion about how Pandora’s Box changes viewer’s minds here.



FOX’s epic retelling of the Ichabod Crane story in the new series “Sleepy Hollow” has garnered critical acclaim. The thrilling new mystery-adventure takes place in modern times with the classic characters awakening after 250 years.

Lancs’ containment tents, glovebags and other products were featured in an episode titled “John Doe” which aired live on FOX on October 14, 2013. Set designers worked closely with Lancs to create a realistic nuclear contamination event using many of our products to contain the hazardous area.

Click here to view the episode. Lancs products are seen beginning at approximately the ten minute mark of the show.

Glovebag Training and Fabrication Seminar for Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station Team

Lancs Industries recently hosted six members of the ALARA Planning, Radiation Protection, Maintenance, RP Training and Weld team from the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station (PVNGS) in Wintersburg, Arizona for a three day glovebag training and fabrication seminar at our Kirkland, Washington manufacturing facility. The session included two full days of custom glove bag design, fabrication, installation and use.

The Lancs and Palo Verde teams designed, fabricated and set up two piping mockups based on PVNGS’ actual facility layout. Maintenance scenarios were presented and worked through. Additionally, the two teams developed solutions to recent industry challenges in weld preparations of EPRI Level 3 Alpha components, designing a new containment targeting this area. The PVNGS team gained a renewed appreciation for the utility of glovebags in resolving challenging problems in contamination control.

“Kudos to the entire Lancs Team for their innovative approach, positive attitude and professional response to the needs of the Nuclear Industry.” ~ Scott Williams, RP Ops Section Leader, Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station

This Week’s News

Lancs and Radiation Protection Systems recently provided a training and information session on the use of ventilation units and containment tents at the Hammer Training and Education Center in Richland, Washington.

Please join Larry Waggoner and other members of the Lancs Industries team at the Waste Management Symposia in Phoenix from February 26th to March 1st!

Come See Us in Florida This Month!

Lancs representatives will be attending the ISOE Alara Symposium & Region III RPM Meeting on January 8-11, and the PWR Alara Winter & Region I & II Meeting on and January 16-20, both in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Please join us, and come by and say hello!

For use during your next planned outage, Lancs carries in inventory and ready for shipment many items including lead wool blankets in the following sizes:

· 1’ x 4’ x 10 lbs sq/ft, Yellow PVC Laminate covers
· 1’ x 4’ x 15 lbs sq/ft, Yellow PVC Laminate covers
· 1’ x 6’ x 10 lbs sq/ft, Yellow PVC Laminate covers