This Week’s News: Glovebag Training and Nuclear Grade Sheeting

Glovebag Training at Pine Bluff Arsenal

In February and March 2012, Lancs provided glovebag training at the Pine Bluff Arsenal in Arkansas, facilitating work to remove ventilation ducting containing residual chemical agents. Staff members learned the fundamental work practices and then installed glovebags on a 22″ diameter ducting mockup and practiced cutting and removing the ducting. The contaminated ducting was then successfully removed using the glove bags in half the time originally scheduled, without the spread of any chemical agents. Plans are to use more glovebags in the future to complete preparations for demolishing the chemical facility.

Nuclear Grade Sheeting

Lancs supplies nuclear grade sheeting appropriate for any application. Our Polyvinylchloride (PVC), and Polyurethane (PU) and Polyethylene (PE) sheeting comes in standard unsupported sheet form as well as in reinforced laminate form for high abrasion resistance. Lancs also offers special lines of Mil-Spec sheeting along with full lines of F/R material tested and certified to NFPA 701.Contact your Lancs Sales rep for full test reports, material specification charts or any other questions you may have regarding our plastic sheeting.


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