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Radiation Protection Supplies and Accessories

supplies and accessories
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    LI-425 5 Gallon Poly Bottle

  • 14-5/8"L x 9-5/8"H x 11-5/8"W
  • Single opening
    LI-426 15 Gallon Poly Bottle

  • 26-1/2"L x 14-1/8"H x 14-1/8"W
  • Double opening
    LI-427 Drain Assembly

  • Drain Fitting (LI-421) with 3′ length of 1/2" ID tubing
    and Pinch Clamp (LI-423)
    LI-428 Vent Assembly

  • 2 CFM Filter (LI-416) attached to Poly Bottle Adaptor
    LI-429 Vent Assembly

  • 3 CFM Filter (LI-416) attached to Poly Bottle Adaptor
    LI-430 Transfer Cylinder Assembly

  • 6" dia x 6" long rigid PVC cylinder (as separate item: LI-431
    Transfer Cylinder)
  • 8" dia sleeving, 10′ long, 8 mil translucent yellow PVC (as
    separate item: LI-432 Transfer Sleeving)
  • Used for passing items out of/into secured containments
    through access port
    LI-433 Transfer Cylinder for Single Chamber Work Containments

  • 18" dia aluminum cylinder
  • Fittings sized to attach to frame of "Doghouse" work
    chamber LI-301F
  • Used with 20" dia sleeving for passing items out of/into
    LI-301 glovebag

  • 12″ dia x 4″ deep Bag-out ring/cylinder with securing u-bolt
  • Cylinder made from schedule 80 PVC pipe. U-bolt made from 5/16″ dia steel
  • U-bolt intended to to secure to structural frame of glovebag or tent
    LI-450 Tie-off, Large

  • 2" dia disk with heavy duty injection molded PVC eyelet
  • Used on tent and containments walls as support point.
    For heavier uses.
    LI-451 Tie-off, Small

  • 1" dia disk with light duty injection molded PVC eyelet
  • Used on glovebags as support point. For lighter uses.
  • Also available in polyurethane
    LI-452 Vinyl Cement

  • Quart can with brush applicator in cap
  • Glue for plastic sheet and vinyl laminated material
  • Used for patching sleeves, containments, and tents
  • LI-452: HH-66, vinyl cement, 1 quart can
  • LI-452-P: HH-66, vinyl cement, 1 pint can
  • LI-452-8oz: HH-66, vinyl cement, 8 oz can
  • LI-452-4oz: HH-66, viynl cement, 4 oz can
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