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Plastic … How Did We Survive Without It?


In October 2013 Lancs products were prominently featured on the hit FOX series Sleepy Hollow. In case you missed it, we created a video of highlights from the approximately 10 minutes of the episode during which Lancs products were featured. See it here.



FOX’s epic retelling of the Ichabod Crane story in the new series “Sleepy Hollow” has garnered critical acclaim. The thrilling new mystery-adventure takes place in modern times with the classic characters awakening after 250 years.

Lancs’ containment tents, glovebags and other products were featured in an episode titled “John Doe” which aired live on FOX on October 14, 2013. Set designers worked closely with Lancs to create a realistic nuclear contamination event using many of our products to contain the hazardous area.

Click here to view the episode. Lancs products are seen beginning at approximately the ten minute mark of the show.

This Week’s News: Glovebag Training and Nuclear Grade Sheeting

Glovebag Training at Pine Bluff Arsenal

In February and March 2012, Lancs provided glovebag training at the Pine Bluff Arsenal in Arkansas, facilitating work to remove ventilation ducting containing residual chemical agents. Staff members learned the fundamental work practices and then installed glovebags on a 22″ diameter ducting mockup and practiced cutting and removing the ducting. The contaminated ducting was then successfully removed using the glove bags in half the time originally scheduled, without the spread of any chemical agents. Plans are to use more glovebags in the future to complete preparations for demolishing the chemical facility. 
glovebag training

Nuclear Grade Sheeting

Lancs supplies nuclear grade sheeting appropriate for any application. Our Polyvinylchloride (PVC), and Polyurethane (PU) and Polyethylene (PE) sheeting comes in standard unsupported sheet form as well as in reinforced laminate form for high abrasion resistance. Lancs also offers special lines of Mil-Spec sheeting along with full lines of F/R material tested and certified to NFPA 701.Contact your Lancs Sales rep for full test reports, material specification charts or any other questions you may have regarding our plastic sheeting.  

nuclear grade sheeting

Lancs Acquires BOP/Barrier Filters

Founded in 1998, BOP Filter/Barriers has manufactured the leading flexible high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) grade filter in contamination and particulate control applications for nuclear and pharmaceutical environments. Lancs has used these filters for over 10 years, and will continue BOP’s excellence in quality manufacturing in its Kirkland facility.

Lancs and its BOP Filters subsidiary manufacture flexible HEPA grade filters for use in contamination and particulate control applications. The filters are custom designed, and can be produced in various sizes and shapes. These flat and flexible panel filters can be welded or heat sealed by Lancs into polyvinyl chloride (PVC), or polyurethane (PU) plastic film. Our filters have been used in waste volume reduction, personnel protection, hazardous particle containment, environment control for purity of pharmaceutical reactions, containment of explosive environments (such as hydrogen generation during chemical reactions) and over-pressure protection in containment barriers. Applications also exist in biohazards and medical waste disposal, asbestos removal, “clean room” ventilation and equipment protection from hazardous environments.

We produce two standard sizes of filters: 1.5″ and 3.5″ in diameter, but can manufacture them in different sizes if required. Our filters are made to be welded into bags, sleeves or other barrier materials. The filter media function is the same regardless of the barrier material used.

BOP Filter/Barriers LLC was formed in 1998 to develop and market the technology of US Patent Number 5,720,789*.  The technology was invented by Paul A. Pinson at the Idaho National Laboratory (“INL”) as a solution to a nuclear waste bag venting problem regarding the need to allow air and other gasses to vent from sealed waste bags while maintaining containment of the nuclear contamination.  The patent was assigned to the Idaho National Laboratory General Contractor at that time, and BOP Filter/Barriers LLC was formed to develop and commercialize the technology. Mr. Pinson, as BOP Filter/ Barriers LLC’s founder and technical lead worked closely with Lancs over the subsequent years, and in December 2011 Lancs acquired the business including its worldwide exclusive license for the patent from Battelle Energy Alliance, LLC, INL’s current general contractor. Mr. Pinson serves as an advisor to Lancs on matters related to filter products.

Check back soon for our new product page featuring Flexible HEPA Grade Filters.

*“Method for Contamination Control and Barrier Apparatus with Filter for Containing Waste Materials that Include Dangerous Particulate Matter”

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